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Buses Plus: Simplifying Bus Travel

Simplify bus travel with advanced booking options, integrated calendars, and comprehensive management features.



 Buses Plus is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the bus travel experience for both users and administrators. With a focus on ease of booking, efficient management, and enhanced customer experience, Buses Plus offers a range of features tailored to modern travel needs.


Seamless Booking: Users can book one-way or round-trip tickets effortlessly.

Integrated Calendars: Google Calendar integration allows users to see available locations and select routes conveniently.

Stop Selection: Users can add stops along their route, with restrictions to ensure stops are within the selected destinations.

Insurance Options: Users have the option to purchase insurance for their journey.

License Verification: For self-driving options, users can upload and verify their licenses.

Payment Methods: Cash and online payment options, including integration with Stripe for secure transactions.

CRM Capabilities: Administrators can manage cities served, add buses with multiple images, and automate bus selection based on user preferences.

Additional Features: Includes managing insurances, refunds, dashboards for analytics, integration with Xero for invoicing, and scheduling meetings through Google Calendar.

Technology Stack: 

  • Python

  • Bootstrap

  • Jinja2

  •  HTML

  •  CSS

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery




April 21, 2023, 4:23 p.m.