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Ugami Next-Generation Loyalty Points Technology

Explore a gaming app that integrates third-party services for financial management and rewards, offering users a unique way to earn and spend points.



Ugami is a revolutionary gaming app designed to enhance the gaming experience by incorporating financial management tools and rewards systems. With seamless integration of third-party services and a focus on user engagement, Ugami provides gamers with a platform to earn and utilize points for various in-game and real-world benefits.


  • Financial Integration: Integration with third-party services like Astra Finance and Unit Finance for seamless financial management within the app.

  • Rewards System: Utilizes OpenLoyalty and other reward platforms to offer users a rewarding experience based on points earned through gaming activities.

  • Point Redemption: Users can redeem earned points for in-game purchases, discounts, or real-world rewards at partner stores.

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Provides a dynamic and immersive gaming environment with interactive features and engaging gameplay.

  • Community Engagement: Facilitates interaction among gamers through forums, leaderboards, and social sharing options.

  • User-Friendly Interface: A well-designed and intuitive interface that ensures easy navigation and a pleasant user experience

Third-Party Integrations:

  • Astra Finance: Integrated for seamless financial transactions and management within the app.

  • Unit Finance: Provides additional financial services and options for users.

  • OpenLoyalty: Powers the rewards and loyalty program, allowing users to earn and redeem points for various benefits.

  • Other Third-Party Services: Includes additional integrations to enhance user experience and app functionality.

Technology Stack:

  • Django

  • Postgres

  • Datadog

  • Aws


Mobile, Web, UI/UX Design


April 20, 2023, 1:11 p.m.