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Luminous CRM


About Project.

The admin portal for Luminous CRM is a robust platform designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Key features include comprehensive stats and analytics, efficient library content management, and seamless subscription and app group management. Additionally, it offers advanced event handling, daily streaks count tracking, and course upload capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Stats and Analytics: This feature provides detailed insights into user behavior, app usage, and performance metrics. It includes data visualization tools such as graphs and charts to help you track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make informed decisions based on user interactions and trends.
  • Library Content Management: This feature allows you to efficiently organize, manage, and update the content within the app's library. You can add, edit, or remove content, categorize materials, and ensure that users have access to the latest resources and information.
  • App Activity Management: This feature helps you monitor and manage user activities within the app. It includes tools to track user engagement, record interactions, and manage user-generated content. This ensures that the app remains interactive and relevant to its users.
  • Subscription Management: This feature handles the subscription lifecycle, including user sign-ups, renewals, cancellations, and payment processing. It ensures a smooth and secure subscription experience for users and provides administrative tools to manage subscriber data and billing.
  • App Groups Management: This feature allows the creation and management of user groups within the app. It supports functionalities such as group creation, user invitations, permissions management, and group-specific content delivery. It is ideal for collaborative and social features within the app.
  • Event Handling: This feature is responsible for managing events within the app. It includes scheduling, notifications, event registration, and tracking attendance. This ensures that users are informed and can participate in events such as webinars, live sessions, or community activities.
  • Daily Streaks Count: This feature tracks user activity on a daily basis and encourages continuous engagement by maintaining a streak count. It rewards users for consistent app usage, promoting habit formation and increased user retention through gamification techniques.
  • Course Upload Feature: This feature enables administrators and content creators to upload and manage courses within the app. It supports various content formats, including videos, documents, and quizzes, providing a comprehensive tool for delivering educational and training materials to users.
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Technologies Used: Flutter, Firebase, UI/UX, React, Python


Web, UI/UX Design


April 20, 2024, 11:38 a.m.