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Facebook Ads Scrapr | Facebook Ads library Scraper | Shopify Store Revenue Tracker

THOR AI: Your Ultimate Ad Scraping and Revenue Tracking Tool


THOR AI simplifies ad scraping on Facebook and tracks Shopify store revenues efficiently. Enter keywords like "clothes" to uncover active Shopify ads on Facebook and track revenue trends for Shopify stores, empowering your marketing strategies.

Key Features

Keyword-Based Ad Scraping: Discover active Shopify ads on Facebook using multiple targeted keywords.

Country Targeting: Refine ad searches by focusing on specific countries.

Revenue Tracking: Monitor Shopify store revenues to make informed decisions.

CSV Data Export: Download data in CSV format for analysis and reporting.

Proxy Support: Use proxies for enhanced privacy and to prevent IP blocking during scraping.

How to Buy

To purchase THOR AI and unlock its powerful features for ad scraping and revenue tracking, contact us at mail. Our team will guide you through the purchasing process and provide you with the necessary tools to boost your marketing strategies.

Technologies Used

Python: Powers the backend for data processing.

PyQt: Provides a user-friendly interface.

Data Scraping: Utilizes advanced scraping techniques.

Get Started

Unlock valuable insights from Facebook ads and Shopify revenues with THOR AI. Enhance your marketing strategies with data-driven decisions.




April 21, 2024, 4:27 p.m.